Concept: Baby Face

I recently drew up a redesign for my ironically named antagonist – ‘Baby Face’.

Additionally, during an illustrator exercise today I used one of the figure drawings for colouring work, inadvertently creating my first colour concept! It’s pretty rough, and I’m not sure if vector art is the way to go on the final graphics but it still gives a nice sense of how he might appear in the comic itself.

The idea behind the character is that of a cyborg who has taken his modifications to the absolute extreme, cutting away almost all human features in favour of a blank face plate along with a single Cyclops eye. His signature weapon – a deadbolt gun built into his palm – can also be seen in the top right corner. I’m quite pleased with the head’s look, however I’d say his body and clothing may need some re-thinking. In particular I’ve received criticism about his bare torso in the left figure: I was aiming to give it the look of artificial muscles which resemble but differ from organic ones, however feedback suggests this may have been a bad move, it needs to appear more obviously mechanical.

In my previous sketch for the character (below), he originally had a look more heavily inspired by classic sci-fi robots like Gort from the original The Day the Earth Stood Still. I ditched this appearance as it seemed like it would be at odds amongst more modern mechanical designs, while also bearing an unfortunately strong resemblance to another fictional cyborg…

Either way, It’s a concept I’m likely to end up revisiting repeatedly throughout the planning process.

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