Concept: Fraison

Within the story world I’m currently writing, Professor Jasper Fraison is a key figure who is both respected and hated by the populace in equal measure. Having helped kickstart the cybernetic revolution he’s essentially the one thanked/blamed for making the first true cyborgs a possibility. In an attempt to steer away from more unfortunate mad scientist clichés I deliberately made him quite bland compared to the other designs, the intention being to have someone who wouldn’t look out of place on the street today – just an aging man with a lifetime of regret behind him who happens to be a genius in cybernetics…

On a related note; excluding a few other minor characters this concept marks the last design for my comic’s main cast! That’s not to say tweaks and redesigns aren’t in order here and there (because they are) but with this I have solid foundation on which to build and experiment, taking me one step closer to production :)

2 Responses to Concept: Fraison

  1. demontales says:

    It’s kinda funny that the fact that this character is more “bland” than the others, as you said it, makes him intriguing.

    Just a note, I wasn’t sure(and still am not completely) about what are the dots, stains when I first look at them. Wondered if that could be sweat in the beginning. It might just be me, but maybe it’s something to watch for.(I hope you don’t mind all my criticism)

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Not to worry, all criticism is fine so long as it’s constructive ;)

      The dots were my feeble attempt at emphasising his age being liver spots and the like – maybe they are overdone a bit so I reckon I’ll probably cut them back for the final design.

      EDIT: I just sneakily removed one of the spots – hopefully it shouldn’t look quite so overdone now…

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