Print Making

Feeling on the one hand that I should make the most of College resources during my MA while on the other I’ve been encouraged to experiment I decided to learn something new earlier in the week and have a shot at traditional print making. Strictly speaking it isn’t the first time I’ve done it as I have taken part in workshops previously, but given that this was three or four years ago with poor results at best it was with a fresh mindset that I approached the technique again. Cutting rather than drawing an image certainly takes some getting used to but in the end I got somewhere.

The image above was the result of a lino print I created based vaguely on my Nightmares in Neon concept for Baby Face. I attempted to go for the same effect of semi-lit edges using crosshatching taking the negative printing into account, but unfortunately forgot to consider its reversal – hence the eye being on the wrong side and the initials in the corner being backwards. Furthermore, rather than spreading ink on the work surface first before applying to my linocut, I foolishly slapped it straight on resulting in my first prints coming out of the press blotchy or incomprehensible. Fortunately one of the tutors showed me how it was done though resulting in the clean version you can see now.

As far as first attempts go it’s pretty crude, my lack of skill being all the more evident looking at the other work made in the college printing room. All the same, I’d definitely like another go when I get the chance as I’m adamant I can do better, and for all my ineptitude it was actually pretty fun…

4 Responses to Print Making

  1. demontales says:

    I was beginning to read your article thinking “I wonder what printing technique she used, probably not lino, it wouldn’t come out that clean”. But it is! I did that only once in high school, I almost burned my hand, kept swearing while making it, my friend sliced her thumb open… what sweet memories XD Anyway, it seems like a good start, although I am no expert in the field.

  2. Ozy says:

    Heh, I’m just glad I had all my fingers at the end :P This one likely came out so clean thanks to the tutor reprinting it, my first ones really were a mess! I’ve got someway to go it seems.

    Also,’what printing technique HE used’ – I don’t tend to parade my gender, age and personal details around the web so the mistake is understandable XD Just figured I’d set that one straight.

    • demontales says:

      Really sorry for the misgendering! I get wrong pronouns myself often, even in real -_-, so I know how it feels, and feel really bad I called you “she” without having any evidence of your gender.

  3. Ozy says:

    @Demontales: Don’t worry about it ;) Just thought I’d clear it up incase you got the wrong impression.

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