All Systems Go?

I’ve been doing a lot of careful thinking about the longterm development of this project recently, while today I had an in depth discussion with my tutor Mark regarding work plans for the coming weeks.

Were you to ask me whether I felt ready to begin production of the graphic right now, being honest the answer would have to be “no”. It would be “no” now. It would be “no” in a month. It could well be “no” in a decade for all I know. I don’t consider myself to be a perfectionist (I doubt I could create something that is perfect in the first place) but I often have difficulty shaking the feeling I could do more to improve; the niggling doubt of that one book I forgot to read, the design that isn’t quite right or the line of scripted dialogue which I can’t decide on.

Considering my remaining time on the MA rationally against the projected length of the work itself, its gotten to the point where I need to count my hypothetical chickens and start contemplating production as an immediate objective rather than some distant lofty goal. If I want to stand a realistic chance of completing Branch before the end of the course then I need to be strict about my management of time, which means setting myself – yikes! – deadlines.

So it is, that I’ve tasked myself with wrapping up the majority of my planning and studies by the end of the month  with the intention of beginning work on pages by the start of the next. There are about a dozen other sources I want to research, more than a few conceptual designs I’m yet to draw up and a script that needs finalising, but schedules and time constraints are a fact of life. If I don’t start setting realistic targets now then the consequence will be compromise on the final graphic – which is the last thing I want.

Do I feel ready? Not really, but one way or another I’ll be seeing to it that it’s all systems go this May.

2 Responses to All Systems Go?

  1. demontales says:

    There’s always room to improve, and nothing ever looks exactly like what we have in mind, but that’s how creation works :P I’m wrapping up a short film right now and I would edit it all completely if I could, and you will maybe feel the same way yourself at some point, but things always look worst in the artist’s eye. Howeber, I’m sure what I’m telling you is nothing new to you. Good luck with your deadlines ;)

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Indeed, it’s not the first time I’ve had this feeling nor will it be the last… Anyhow, good luck to you too on your film :)

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