Practice in Context: I’m still alive!

As the title suggests, this quick post is mostly just to confirm I’m still going after my recent absence since I spent last week finalising my module proposal and planning how to tackle its new requirements.

With a more proactive and involved approach required to meet these demands, this module will see me doing less in the library and more in the way of trips/visits in order to connect with my chosen medium’s surrounding context. As such I’ve contacted a few key publishing figures for Q & A sessions and have my eye on several relevant events, however much remains uncertain at this point and subject to change.

I will definitely be making a start though with a visit to Oribital Comics this Monday and their tribute to Jack Kirby: A key figure in the development of the American comics scene from the 1930’s right through to his death in 1994. Expect a full write up on the exhibit and his work in the near future.

And yes, despite the massive hold up all being well I should have another page up very soon.

One Response to Practice in Context: I’m still alive!

  1. demontales says:

    Interesting stuff ahead for you :P

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