Page 5

Since I’ve been playing it safe with my colours up to this point I thought I’d try something I little more adventurous for this page to trigger a shift in tone. I figured that an orange lighting scheme would build upon the brown-grey complimentary pallette I’ve been using, while signifying a worrying furnace-like quality to the airlock: a signifier of bad things to come if you will. On a more basic level I’m also hoping it introduces more visual variety after the sterile (and frankly boring) pink-blues of  the docking tunnel.

I should also mention that I altered and cut down most of dialogue from the script here, as on second reading it just didn’t seem right. Originally the crewman spewed a load of techno talk about nausea and the compartment rotating but it occurred to me that a bored longterm employee would be unlikely to explain the science to such a tiny group of arrivals. Much as a bus driver doesn’t tell you to mind the step or explain the fares every time you board, so a station worker would be unlikely to bother with a lecture everyday.

On a more general note the backgrounds turned out nicely this time though character poses and anatomy came out a bit rigid – definitely something to work on improving in future pages.

2 Responses to Page 5

  1. demontales says:

    The color makes a nice progression when all pages are looked at together. As a reader that doesn’t read a lot of sci-fi, I am happy that you cut most of the techno talk there, since as you said, the situation didn’t call for it, and I would have probably skipped over it unless it was critical information.

    Also, I’m curious about what bad things are to come. :P

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Good, good. I’m trying to strike a balance between keeping it understandable but avoiding unnecessary exposition. As you highlight, besides coming across as unrealistic I realise that technical details can occasionally be a little alienating for the casual reader.

      And I’m glad I’ve sparked your curiosity about what is to come, I’ll try to be a bit quicker making the following pages :)

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