Page 9

Ack, feel like I’m sneaking into class late here…

It goes without saying that this is another embarrassingly late post as for one reason or another I just couldn’t get the page done until now. I suppose this is especially disappointing given that I’d intended to work for weekly updates now I’m posting elsewhere but it ultimately came down to either rushing out something severely dissatisfactory or delivering a more accomplished page at a later date. I could rave on about how I’m justified by the quality over quantity argument, but I’ll stick with a summary: I suck, I’ll try harder.

Unfortunately things will almost certainly be stalled again in the immediate future as my impending Practice in Context deadline means I’ll have to prioritize my essay till the deadline on the 26th. It’s another area that’s been a little neglected lately and a timely reminder not to lose focus on the goals of the MA, I’ll attempt to squeeze in drawing but I think the next page is liable to appear around the end of the month rather than next week. Sorry but consistent releases will have to wait :(

The page itself is a bit of a mixed bag. I’m getting to some of the more interesting story material now as Curt runs into cyborgs for the first time and begins to develop a phobia which plays a prominent role in the ensuing narrative.

I tried to make his growing discomfort with what he’s seeing apparent in the artwork by emphasising the attendant and guard’s grotesque enhancements; the second and third panels reflect composition and posture between Curt and the man on desk drawing attention to their similarities (both being in fairly low-level jobs) while also stressing the startling difference. The last panel meanwhile marks the rising tension with hard lines around the implants, aggravating their unsettling presence and bringing the guard who was formerly in the background to the centre of the reader’s attention.

While these parts turned out as I’d hoped the effect is unfortunately marred by the weaker first and fourth panels  which suffer from unrealistic anatomy and perspective issues – they’re acceptable perhaps but someway off from my best. The colour too could have been much stronger; I’m aiming for a washed out, overexposed sort of look in this setting but the tones feel a little off balance to me. I’ve likely said it before but colouring is something I’m still adjusting to, with the necessary experimentation naturally leaving some casualties along the way – this page is one of them.

Outside of scrutiny on single panels/aspects though there is a stronger sense of flow than earlier pages, with more continuity and less of the disjointed progression formerly criticised by Paul Gravett. It’s a small thing but progression in anything is good news to me, the sense of imbalance is still pervasive but I’m starting to get a foothold on the problems.

Anyhow, I’ll try to get another page out as soon as I can but for now it’s time to hit the books and get writing.

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