Practice in Context: Finished!

Having handed in the requisite essay today along with my research and planning folders, this essentially marks a conclusion to the MA’s Practice in Context module – finished!

Ahem. Anyway; I’m feeling pretty positive about what I submitted, but I won’t brag or complain just yet lest it comes back to haunt me in the feedback… What I will say is that this leaves me freed up to start drawing pages again and update my blog more regularly. According the course handbook the next module will be Design Strategies and Practice so it’s about time I made a real push with the latter. More soon :)

2 Responses to Practice in Context: Finished!

  1. demontales says:

    Good job! You can now work with a fresh mind, unless you have other assignments coming in :P

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: I’m clear for now and my feeling is that the next module will be focused on practice more directly, that said I’ll be making the most of the lull either way!

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