Design Strategies and Practice: Revenge of the Module!

Official re-enrolment aside, today effectively marked the start of the second (and final) year of my MA. It also served as an introduction to our new module, the fearsome Design Strategies and Practice!

Sorry… it’s really not that bad, the deadlines are pretty close and there’s a symposium next month but thankfully the goals aren’t too horrifying. While we will be assessed on our studio practice before the end of the year it’s been made clear that they’re not after a finalised work and given that I already started drawing pages over summer I’ve got a decent head start.

Still, it’s probably best I don’t get too comfortable; I’m used to explaining my project to those already largely familiar with the details, however the symposium will consist of students from Harrogate who will know nothing about what I’m doing and require a complete rundown on all the key points – in under 20 minutes no less. Additionally, lately my rate of production for comic pages has been inconsistent to put it kindly. I doubt I’ll be managing daily updates any time soon but it would be nice to get at least one out every week.

I’ll probably get a better idea of where my worst weaknesses are once I get feedback on the last module, in the meantime I swear I’ll have page 10 out before the weekend… probably….

2 Responses to Design Strategies and Practice: Revenge of the Module!

  1. demontales says:

    Is the 20 minutes only your part of the speech, or does it includes commentaries from the people watching? We had something like that for our films, but only in front of a few teachers. Good luck with it :)

  2. Ozy says:

    @demontales: The 20 will just be for the speech with feedback being afforded an extra five minutes I would of thought. Thanks anyhow :)

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