Settling in (again)

I’ve had a few minor hiccups in the past week or two of the new academic year, but today made me feel more acclimatized to college life once again.

For starters, having a catch up tutorial allowed me to get the okay on my Summer work while also serving as a inadvertent recap on the course of the project over the last few months. The criticisms were mostly ones I saw coming too, with notable issues being my unfortunate moments of sketchy anatomy and the urgent need to produce pages faster. All being well, these problems should be  addressed through a return to life drawing and additional studio sessions respectively.

On that note: I have a new and improved studio space! I’ve got a bigger wall this time meaning more room for concept art/useless decoration and as far as initial impressions go the natives are pretty friendly. Last year I was usually in college for a couple of days each week but in line with the need for increased self-discipline I’m going to try and set studio time aside for four to five days at a time now. A focused working environment should help iron out some of my flakier drawing habits and frankly it’s an improvement over being cooped up at home for days on end.

Here’s to a refreshed start!

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