New Font

Following on from Matt Hemsworth’s criticism of my current font I’ve revamped it to create something more aesthetically appealing and hopefully closer to industry standard.

The old font was far too bold compared to typical comic text so the thinner design for the new one should be welcome. I dare say my lack of skill in this area is readily apparent and there were a few quirks I was unable to correct, still for now at least I’m happy with it. I may well consider professional options around completion but as a stopgap I think it does the job.

In addition to my work on the font itself I also carried out a little research. Of particular note was an essay I discovered on Blambot by Nate Piekos giving a rundown on the typical rules of comic grammar, speech bubbles and other important conventions; most of which I was already aware of to some degree, however I found a few points I formerly knew nothing about. Embarrassing certainly, but better corrected now than 100 pages down the line, anyone looking for advice on how to use text in their comics would do well to look there.

So, with that sorted it’s onto the somewhat arduous task of relettering and redrawing balloons in my backlog. All the same I’ll see to it I have a new page together for next week as I start making routine updates.

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