Page 15

I’m a little short on time here so I’m afraid this will have to be more succinct than usual.

The linework/ink for this page was applied digitally working over my pencil sketch as a basis, which was in turn based upon a photo I took of myself for reference (naturally with gender adjusted accordingly). I typically favour hand drawing my pages with only colour, text and arrangement being done in photo-paint afterwards but in this case I’m actually glad I deviated; I ended up redrawing Scratch’s pose repeatedly before getting it to a satisfactory standard. I’m not sure the perspective is implemented as effectively as it could have been, but the pose at least seems striking and believable.

Though I don’t tend to trust my own opinion it at least feels like one of the better pages I’ve made. Having a single larger panel allowed me to be a little more indulgent than usual, focusing on getting one image right rather than rushing through several – I doubt I’ll be doing many pages like this but it shows that with more time and care I can do better…

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