Page 16

It’s not even Monday but this page has been delayed so long waiting another week to update was out of the question. Perhaps it was a matter of not enough time put aside each week but I suspect I spent too long tinkering with puny details which ultimately don’t have much effect on the overall piece. I can’t promise I’ll meet weekly updates in future but I’ll be sure not to let my schedule slip this horrendously again.

Long wait aside, the page itself is pretty good by my standards, I tried some more adventurous stuff with the shadows/lighting and for the most part its been a success. The noir influence comes through pretty strong with this one – because of the fedora perhaps? – along with stylistic flourishes of a distinctly Risso and Miller nature. Introducing a key villain ‘Baby Face‘ here I wanted the luggage warehouse to reflect the character being introduced. The first panel features a lot of imposing machinery as an acknowledgement of his extreme cyborg enhancements, while the clutter dotted around perhaps hints at the deranged personality, additionally falling in line with the cyberpunk tendency for turbulent chaos concealed beneath ordered surfaces.

The cold colour scheme was intended to evoke a suitable cold mood while emphasising Baby Face’s complete lack of compassion for others, but looking now may have been a bit heavy. That said, I have a strong visual contrast in mind for the next page which should spice things up a little ;)

EDIT (20/1/2012):  I’ve tweaked the second panel’s colour and linework in response to some criticism on ComicFury to prevent it from being confusing. Hopefully an improvement!

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