Expo Confirmed (and other trivial stuff)

Following on from the other related post I’ve now gotten my badges/pass for a table at London’s MCM Expo in May so barring the most unfortunate of events I’m confirmed for it no matter what :) There’s still plenty to work on, sort out and decide upon in the coming months, however this sets me an unshakable deadline to gather my work up into a coherent printed volume of some kind.

On the subject of deadlines, I have another college one for next Wednesday requiring me to present a new statement of intent for the final MA project. This provides a good way for me to refocus my goals while taking into account the many developments and changes which have taken place over the masters. However, on the downside it also means I won’t have time to prepare a page for tomorrow; if this is a race to the finish line I need to get more organised and stop taking stumbles like this…

Regardless, I’ll make sure that when the page does arrive it’s worth the wait and since the blog has been research light as of late I’ll see to it I write-up on something a bit more substantial soon!

4 Responses to Expo Confirmed (and other trivial stuff)

  1. Nikita-ashley la arwall says:

    Wahoo :D

  2. Ozy says:

    @Nikita: Good to see you found your way here ;) Wahoo indeed!

  3. Ushio says:

    Yeah it’s gonna be fun man! Make sure to leave enough time for the printer to get it back to you! 2 weeks minumum to be safe ;-D

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