Just thought I’d quickly mention that Branch has been featured on The Duck!

Besides being generally pleasant and hopefully drawing a bit more readership, it’s also interesting to hear the admin’s summary and someone else’s perspective on the plot:

‘Curtis Dorsett is a bit of a wide-eyed newbie at space travel. Everyone gets sick their first time anyway, no big deal. He gets some friendly advice and stops by to pick up his luggage. Luggage listed under the name of “Emanon” and which contents immediately alert security to the fact that Curtis has a little more going on than you might expect. Turns out he (or more likely the package) is so involved in a thing he needs a cyborg (sorry, “enhanced” escort)… but while she’s introducing herself, security is getting murdered. Just what is going on here? This cool, gritty-cartoony comic should catch your attention!’

Now, time to make good on the extra interest and push forward with the next page!

3 Responses to Featured!

  1. demontales says:

    Congratulations on the feature!

  2. Nice One! Listening to the Rise of the Valkyries from the watchmen album but seems fitting to mention it.

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