MA Exhibition: Setup Complete!

I can breathe again!

After some frantic moments, compromises and general panic on my part the display’s finally come together with only placards left to be stuck on. It’s even fairly close on to what I envisioned in my final plan with only a few small changes in response to practical concerns.

I’ve had to stagger my pieces a little to avoid making them look cramped alongside the TV display, which does unfortunately leave them running over wall joins rather than sitting neatly between them but it’s hardly a show stopping error and I couldn’t help feeling drastic eleventh hour reorganisation or fixes weren’t worth the risk. The initial section of the wall is also one segment longer than expected so all my concept work is now on the same plane – no bad thing – with the ‘L’ shape at the beginning simply being for support.

Plus, I finally got some business cards done!

Not exactly a mind-blowing design I realise but I figured that keeping them nice and simple – not to mention affordable on my limited finances – would be a good move for now. I’ve been meaning to get some together since the MCM Expo and having acquired a sizable stockpile I should be set for the exhibition and foreseeable future; it’s certainly an improvement over scrawling my e-mail on the back of crumpled leaflets at least…

Anyhow, with the physical setup out of the way all that remains to be done now is organising my folders and having a thorough written evaluation ready for submission by Monday. A special thankyou to HSAD’s amiable technicians Steve and Phil for their indispensible assistance mounting, framing and lifting during preparation.

Expect sentimental reminiscence and manly tears next week as I bid the masters farewell and reflect on Branch’s past and future developments ;)

4 Responses to MA Exhibition: Setup Complete!

  1. lucymarkham says:

    Well Done Owen!!

  2. demontales says:

    Nice effective card

    I suppose they’ve already been printed and you did mention a tight budget, but if in the future you think of reprinting some, you could think about having a two-side printed business card. They allow more information if needed, and sometimes add a little extra professional touch in my opinion, although there’s nothing unprofessional about one sided ones.

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Next time I’m printing a batch I’ll definitely go double sided. I prefer them that way too as it shows an additional amount of effort has been made, unfortunately the exhibition materials cleaned out my wallet and colour\double-sided would have set me back by significantly more.

      Ah to be a rich man and afford luxury business cards…

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