Back… with excuses!

In all seriousness though I appear to have caught the head cold of the decade while I was on holiday in Wales. Thankfully I think I’ve slept/drugged most of it out of my system last night and I’m either on the mend or about to emerge in my newly mutated form…

My next page is approaching completion, but between being ill and trying to draw at the beach in the face of strong winds it’s still got a little way to go. More very soon, I promise ;)

2 Responses to Back… with excuses!

  1. demontales says:

    glad zombie viruses don’t travel through screens! At least yet :P

    Rest well

    • Ozy says:

      I’m really hoping someone makes that zombie movie now! The idea that any given webpage could potentially zombify is a pretty scary concept in todays internet age…

      And yeah, I appear to be almost 100% again – and not a zombie – so the rest seems to have paid off.

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