Replay Value 1/4

Well here we go, page one of four.

I was mulling over whether or not to colour it last night and ended up consulting a friend about it; going on his advice I decided not to on the basis it would defeat the point of it being a ‘short and sweet’ project as I got into OCD shading. I do worry that it might be overly simplistic minus tone or crosshatching, on the other hand this way it should be done relatively quickly and force me to adopt a more efficient style wholeheartedly.

As ever, speed remains my greatest weakness and tackling a short on a reasonable timescale would be a good exercise for improvement on that front. There’s nothing to stop me colouring it after completion either for that matter if I change my mind and decide it would add something, but given the length and nature of the story the economic look might be enough. We’ll see.

Where’s the title you may well ask? What the hells going on? Why is that guy irresponsibly smoking in a server room? All but one of these questions shall be answered over the next three pages ;)

2 Responses to Replay Value 1/4

  1. demontales says:

    Looks good in black and white! And as you said yourself you can always colour it later. Nice to see the first page :)

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