Getting back to Branch

branch2p3previewroughIt’s got to be said, trying to get back into Branch after months of hiatus is like trying to start a rundown car in the middle of winter; there’s more than a little stalling.

Not to say things aren’t taking shape, I’ve just had to reaquaint myself with the art, themes and characters again these past few days in order to rediscover my inspiration. Plenty of initial efforts ended up getting the slam dunk treatment in my waste paper basket but I think I’ve finally rehabilitated myself and got started on a continuation proper. More soon ;)

3 Responses to Getting back to Branch

  1. Hello i don’t know if you remember me. My name is Ryan Ongley we met at last may MCM. I bought your comic and said i would message you on if i liked it. Well i did like it. I am sorry about the big gap in time but been busy, making film and trying to start a youtube show. I was wondering if second issu is out?

    • Ozy says:

      Hi Ryan, thanks a bunch for the subscribe & comment! If I recall correctly we had a chat about 2000 AD comics when you stopped by my stand? No worries on the gap, I had a shot at making a film a few years back and I still tell horror stories about the difficulties of its production…

      Glad you liked Branch anyhow :) As you may have noticed from my blog unfortunately my output has been less than stellar post MCM; I’ve mostly been embroiled in volunteering and job related stuff since and outright put it on hold at the end of the year in order to cook up a short:

      Still I’m making a push to move things forward here and am aiming to have something substantial for the next London MCM Expo in May. I’ve just now been inking new pages and shall be regularly posting them here again in the run up to the next printed issue!

      Oh and be sure to link me to your Youtube show when it’s off the ground ;)

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