Back from MCM Manchester 2017

Well, I guess I’m officially reactivated now.

My first comic con table in a LONG time and while I’m exhausted I really did have a fantastic time. Besides flogging a fair few copies of Apothecary Supreme Issue 1, I talked with a whole bunch of awesome people who had lots of great feedback for me. I’m more motivated than ever now to really hit it out of the park with issue 2! I promise it shall be even more mucky, monstery and weird than its predecessor.

That said I really am knackered courtesy of an extensive journey home and my impending return to the day job so I’ll save my in-depth thoughts for another post. Work on Issue 2 is very much ago-go and I’ll no doubt post up some of the less spoilerific pre-production stuff soon.

My deepest gratitude to everyone who stopped by my table, bought a copy or just had something interesting to say. You all made my day, thank you!

2 Responses to Back from MCM Manchester 2017

  1. Howdy Owen, nice to have met you at Manchester, just finished reading my copy of ‘AS’ and I really enjoyed it. A nice blend of humour and mystery and good to read something self-contained and brisk in the storytelling. Will look forward to what you do next.z

    • Ozy says:

      Many thanks for the purchase and kind words Colin! The humour/mystery balance was always something I worried about so very happy to hear it hit the mark. I’m finishing my pre-production stuff for issue 2 so that should begin appearing in the next few weeks or so :)

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