More Apothecary Supreme concepts

A few more new characters and monsters – I’ll let you guess which is which – showing up in the next Apothecary supreme issue.
I’ve been working on planning for a while now, in terms of both visuals and story for Issue 2. I feel like there’s a LOT more I could do in this regard but it may well be at the expense of momentum. Past experience has taught me that it is possible to overplan, with a great deal of pre-production content becoming irrelevant anyway and damaging motivation as production ends up feeling creatively restrictive.
In a nutshell; time to get started proper.

2 Responses to More Apothecary Supreme concepts

  1. DT says:

    Interesting designs, especially the last one! Can’t wait to see where this goes

    • Ozy says:

      Thanks DT! I’m currently building up a backlog for issue 2 so I can start strong and release a steady stream of content. Shouldn’t be too much longer though :)

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