Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 6 – This weather eh?

April 2, 2018

Full page at: http://apothecarysupreme.thecomicseries.com/comics/42

A  longer break in uploads than I would have liked (no surprises).

The good news is that through my offline fumblings I have somehow built up a few more pages to share and will be back on the regular Sunday uploads… for a while.

I’ve been missing Burkhard’s stuck up goofiness, so at the very least it’s good to have him back on the page! Plus, more creepy strangers!

Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 5 – Never Mucking Mind

February 4, 2018

Full page at: http://apothecarysupreme.thecomicseries.com/comics/41


And so our new horror scenario and mystery antagonist are primed! Before we continue with this ‘wild trip’ (and bring back a few familiar faces) I’ll be taking a short breather in the uploads.

My backlog is getting a bit thin, so I thought now might be a good spot to slow-up while I ensure the next bit of story maintains a decent flow. That said it won’t be too long! There’s stuff I frankly can’t wait to draw so I’ll power ahead ASAP.

As usual producing pages is in a constant battle with IRL stuff but hell, who doesn’t have that excuse? TLDR: Less talk, more drawing.

Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 4 – No Torture…

January 28, 2018

A friend called out the lack of gore/horror in issue 1, I specifically aimed to remedy this here ;)


In all seriousness though, I slowed to halt on this one due to being in something of a dark place at the time. Normally I’d revel in drawing stuff like this, but it was definitely the wrong time in my case.


Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 3 – Monster

January 20, 2018

Uploading a little earlier than planned here as our escapee’s fate begins to become clear… and it’s looking messy…



Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 2 – Not Quite

January 14, 2018

Here’s a handy update:


ApothIssue2Page2PREVIEWBA few folks said my last issue was a bit light on actual horror, so I’m getting right into this time around. Hopefully the scenario I’m presenting here is a substantial departure from that of issue 1.

More next Sunday!