Concept: Baldo

Baldo is something of a departure from my previous designs. Standing at the far end of the spectrum from Baer with his creaky enhancements, this is a man of immense wealth and power who would naturally flaunt it with some high end implants (see the cheeks, eyes and brow), at the same time though he’s someone concerned with looking good and as much as he’d want to show off it remains doubtful he’d embrace the more freakish cyborg features. It is thus that these enhancements are present but remain muted in comparison with someone like Scratch, Baer or indeed Baby Face.

Also being a criminal figure of considerable greed and villainy I wanted him to be good looking but somehow uncanny, as though by attempting to create attractive looks via cosmetic surgery he tried too hard and slightly missed the mark. His face is bizarrely thin and elongated, while there’s something unsettlingly vampiric about his features. Baldo isn’t as obviously unnatural as some of the story’s other cyborgs but should remain quietly disturbing.

I’m fairly happy with most of the design for the head and face but the clothing seems a little too bland and uninteresting by comparison. Reckon I’ll give it another go after I’ve gathered some new ideas.

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