Concept: Baer

Lieutenant Baer is not proving an easy character to draw or to write, I’m trying to duck under the horde of horrible clichés surrounding policemen but frankly avoiding one usually means stepping into another. He’s an immensely irritable character, but also someone who cares about his job and fiercely defends moral decisions. Yes, exactly that sounds like every fictional police lieutenant since the dawn of time I know, but I am working on fleshing him out in my script and including some less predictable traits.

In terms of the design I went for a particularly hard wearing look with body armour and the crude prosthetic arm.  Given that my setting is intended to be largely lawless and hostile (particularly towards the authorities) it seemed that reflecting this in the police’s increased precautions would be a effective idea. What I particularly like about this design though is the sense of outdatedness; machines age and become obsolete all the time, but supposing the machine in question is a part of you? Baer is a great deal older than much of the cast and while his cybernetic prosthesis looks tough it’s remarkably basic and clumsy compared to those of someone like Scratch.

These are the themes I’d like his character to explore, the sense of being out of step with surroundings as both a person but also as an example of technology.


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