Concept: Alexa

Considering her relatively brief (but important) appearance in the narrative as it currently stands I spent a disproportionate amount of time drawing up Alexa’s design. As an experienced neurological scientist I’d original envisioned her being much older, however her role and personality didn’t really fit my initial sketches and so I ended up making her appear considerably younger – assumedly being around 30-40 years as opposed to 50-60.

Dress wise I went for something a little different to my other characters, giving her the sort of smart wear fitting for someone of fairly influential standing and suitably formal for someone out on business. It does occur to me that glasses in a society of advanced cybernetics might be a slight anachronism, but just as laser eye surgery and contacts haven’t wiped lenses out it doesn’t seem too farfetched that the same might apply with future cyborg enhancements.

All in all I rather like this one, It’s just a bit of a shame such a minor character worked out so remarkably well.

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