Concept: Scratch redux 2

With this new concept for my protagonist ‘Scratch’ I’ve kept much of the previous design but made a few tweaks which have hopefully resulted in a more refined look. Perhaps most noticeable are the changes I’ve made to the arms; the way I’m currently writing the story suggests that Scratch’s cybernetic prostheses are of a high standard – courtesy of a generous sponsor – and while I’m largely aiming for a used future aesthetic the clunky armour-like appearance in the earlier concepts was far too crude.

Here I’ve given them a more flexible look as though they were made of something rubbery rather than metallic, loosely modelling their shape and composition on the muscle structure of the organic equivalent. Also note how the design corresponds more closely with that of her neck, something which creates a greater sense of cohesion between details, while I’ve also taken elements of the arms structure and applied it to the feet in order to tie everything together. Clothing is largely unchanged, but on a previous criticism I received (thanks demontales!) I’ve rolled up her sleeves here to place greater emphasis on the arms’ uncanny presence along with a few minor adjustments to the braces and trousers.

A sizable improvement over the previous incarnations then and for the moment a satisfactory design. Now I just need to match this standard with a redesign for her coat.

2 Responses to Concept: Scratch redux 2

  1. Demontales says:

    Nice changes. I like the slight changes you did on the feet as well, they blend in better and I think they look harder. In general, she looks tougher(which seems good to me)

    • Ozy says:

      @Demontales: Cheers, glad you approve :D If she looks tougher then I’ve done something right at least! I was quite pleased with the feet to boot – no pun intended ;) – since they’re more in line with the rest of her look now.

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