All Systems Go!

Having run the latest by my tutor earlier this week, as I had hoped he agreed with my decision to enter production and start drawing the actual pages! I’m still testing the waters so to speak; gauging what sort of rate I can realistically work at in relation to the graphic’s final length, but otherwise it looks like production is definitely go.

One thing I have changed my mind on however is holding off on page uploads. Previously I had been printing off all concept work to run by my tutor, the problem now being that with every graphic page being in colour and  liable to see alterations according to criticism I would end up burning through a fortune in coloured ink cartridges. A fortune –  it goes without saying – which I do not have. Alternatively, uploading the pages to my blog allows me to maintain a work flow similar to that of the planning stage while making the images accessible just about anywhere without the need for costly printing.

It also means that anyone following this blog online can read the graphic online as it’s made, offering additional interest and criticism; which to my mind is no bad thing :) As you may have noticed there’s a new ‘Read it!’ tab on the toolbar where I will be collecting the pages in a similar manner to that of my concept gallery, while I shall also be doing write ups as usual on each as they are uploaded – assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway, to get things rolling I’ve made a sort of chapter cover for the first act:

I’ll be leaving the main covers until the end of production it seems, but I felt it would be a good idea to punctuate the three ‘acts’ of the story with chapter covers to make it a less unwieldy read. The intention was to have something relatively stark & experimental compared to the actual pages; I played with idea of giving it a subtitle or having more going on but in the end it seemed that something simple gave a stronger impression.

Looking at it, I’d say I was channeling a bit of Frank Miller influence into the stylised silhouette though the circuit patterning is something I thought of following my recent viewing of Serial Experiments Lain’s echoing some of its bizarre symbolic texturing. Essentially I was trying to present a fusion of Noir and cyberpunk aesthetics, while making a nod towards the intended themes regarding cyborgs and the blurred line between human and machine.

It’s not perfect as I still have a dozen insatiable niggles, but hopefully it’s a solid start.

2 Responses to All Systems Go!

  1. demontales says:

    My favorite time to follow a webcomic is when it’s just starting or when there’s a consistent archive already. Both will have happened with your comics :)

  2. Ozy says:

    @demontales: The same here, hence my own efforts to makes it simple and accessible :)

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