Page 3

Did I really say I was getting faster at these things?

Excuse the inexcusable lateness of this update, I could say it was down to wrangling with minute shading details or distractions mid-week but that in turn would be another excuse. Let’s just say I will definitely push my self for a quicker production schedule. That said I will be taking a week or more out from production as my module assessment is coming up and I need to focus on pulling the last few months of work together.

On the page itself, here we have an unflattering introduction to the story’s other protagonist ‘Curt’; it probably seems trivial at this stage but his unsteady phobic behaviour should hopefully foreshadow some of the key themes further down the line and perhaps provide some clues as to the plot’s direction. It’s additionally worth a mention how his green jumpsuit jars with the predominantly blue/orange colour scheme I’ve been using, emphasising the sense of him being out of place.

Balancing the colour for the scene generally proved a little more difficult than I anticipated. While I do intended to draw upon noir influences for my style I don’t want to dive straight into clichéd gloom and angular shadows – much of film noir starts out in daylight after all before approaching it’s narrative and stylistic ‘heart of darkness’ –  I don’t want to forcibly shoehorn such features in for the sake of it. All the same, my intial colours for the page came out jarringly bright which would be all well and good if I intended a light hearted atmosphere but is completely unsuitable for the tone of cyberpunk. As a solution I applied a subtle blue tint over the panels, giving the impression of the space being exposed to harsh artificial lighting and resulting in a much more even, bleak appearance to the scene.

2 Responses to Page 3

  1. demontales says:

    He really does look sick, especially in the bottom left panel. You also done the weight of clothes pretty good.

    Only critic I’d have is that it’s a little hard to tell where exactly they are in some panel(at the beginning or end of the tunnel)

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: They’re at the beginning of tunnel for the moment, it’s mainly just the angle which is changing. The next page pulls the viewpoint back again so hopefully it’ll sort out the confusion.

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