As expected, in light of my imminent module assessment the last week or so has been devoted to pulling together all my research and justifying the general direction of the project thus far. No bad thing as it made me stop for a moment and think about the strengths and weaknesses in my work as a whole, considering exactly what works and – perhaps more importantly – what doesn’t.

The area of my project I’m most satisfied with over the last few months is probably my study of film noir and how remarkably well its filtered into the sci-fi side of things. I realise the influence might not be readily apparent in my opening pages but I get the feeling that this research will affect the final work for the better bringing greater depth, originality and understanding of cyberpunk’s cinematic ancestry to the graphic.

At the same time I feel that  I may have been leaning a little too hard on film based research rather than theory, novels and my chosen medium; comics. This isn’t to say I’ll be forbidding myself from researching video based sources as there’s still an enormous wealth of material in that area I’d like to study, but I’ll be making an effort to branch out into more diverse mediums and sources in future.

Outside of my research, a recent development of key importance is receiving some professional feedback on my latest draft of the script (a big thankyou to Dave for that). While the response has largely been favourable and the structure as whole isn’t particularly problematic criticism has been made of unnecessary dialogue and exposition in the final act; something I’ll be looking to remedy before it comes to producing the actual pages.

I will however be continuing with production as the opening scenes appear to be solid and it seems important that I power forward and keep things moving. As I’ve mentioned before, I could remain in preproduction for a lifetime and still not be 100% happy with the preparations. Anyhow, all being well I should have a new page up sometime this weekend and be back to business as usual again.

Oh, and on a sidenote I’ve finally got my hands on a usable font program, hurrah! Special thanks to fellow MA student Havi for that one, my dialogue at least will be produced much quicker from now on :)

2 Responses to Assessment

  1. demontales says:

    Movies and comics are incredibly similar, but varying the sources of references/study/inspiration is always a good thing. And that’s great for your font program, the process will probably be more “swearing free” :P

  2. Ozy says:

    @demontales: Absolutely, so far most of the comic dialogue has been accompanied by my own with Corel Draw, usual consisting of increasing violent repetitions of four letter words ;)

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