Practice in Context: Reality calls

Having just handed in my folders for assessment and delivered my presentation with a moderate level coherency, my Research Methods and Development module is more or less finished. For a moment at least I can breathe.

Or so I thought until the next module raised its terrifying head…

Okay that’s a complete exaggeration, but in all seriousness the next module has a change in focus which has caught me a little off guard. I’ve been so absorbed by the research, planning and production which is going into my graphic that I’ve given scarce thought as to where I might go with it when I finish or what sort of professional tactics I might adopt.

That said being tasked with making contacts, attending events and considering the context of my work in the real world may honestly be a wake up call I needed. I’ve been far too dependent on convenient college resources while scarcely taking my work outside of my room and this blog. It’s a significant shift in gears from the aims of the previous two modules but as daunting as it may initially seem I can’t deny the obvious longterm benefits.

With around three months to tackle the aims and considerable freedom allowed in approach its nothing insurmountable. My only real concern is that I may have difficulty balancing the work demands with production of the main graphic, something I’m aiming to work into a regular routine rather than the piecemeal updates I’ve delivered so far. I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll definitely need to be more disciplined to stay on target.

For now at least I’ll just be sticking out my feelers to see what’s out there before I decide on anything concrete.

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