Font Upgrade!

Having finally got my hands on a workable program, I’ve been able to convert my font into a TrueType file and spare myself the hassle of cutting and pasting letters in one by one. Naturally this will save me a lot of time making pages but I also took the opportunity to refine my text into something a little tidier.

As the before and after hopefully shows I’ve cleaned up the lettering and resized it for an altogether more even appearance while keeping the slightly rough edged, hand-drawn look of the original scrawl which I desired. It strikes me as an improvement since it’s more legible now, while the old version seemed a little too broad giving the unfortunate impression characters were shouting at each other.

Thanks to Havi once again for helping me out on this one :)

2 Responses to Font Upgrade!

  1. demontales says:

    Much clearer indeed

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Good to hear, sometimes it’s hard to say whether something is an improvement when I’m inevitably biased ;)

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