Home Again

As indicated by the puerile train-scribble above I’m afraid it’s yet another Monday with no comic update. Between seeing family, a wedding and visiting London this season I’ve certainly had a great time but my working habits have been less than stellar.

I’ll get the other bad news out of the way right now; my promised transfer of the blog’s ‘read it!’ archive over to ComicPress is going on indefinite hold. I could give you some terrible excuse about managing my time or changing my mind, but the honest truth is that I’m having a very hard time figuring it out. I’ve taken a DIY approach with just about every aspect of this project thus far but as Matt Hemsworth warned me it’s the sort of thing I’ll need a real web designer for. I’m sure with some perseverance and a couple of months weeks I could botch together a shoddy effort but that would be time – hey, I made that excuse after all! – I could spend moving ahead with actual comic.

Distribution and promotion will become increasingly important in future, but my first priority was and still is the production of the graphic itself. I dare say I’ll pursue this possibility again and pay for seek out professional assistance when my finances my schedule allows, but right now I’m more concerned about realising what I’ve planned. Having great web presentation for an unrealised comic strikes me as being like selling a shiny car without an engine; the shininess might help, but it’s kind of missing the point. For the immediate future this blog, The Duck and ComicFury should at least be adequate as mirrors for Branch.

On the bright side my holiday wasn’t entirely dominated by lethargy. Wranglings with ComicPress aside, today I went to see a pair of exhibitions in London baring surprising relevance to my project and which I shall no doubt write about in the next few days. Also, I’m a fair way into that next page now and will DEFINITELY have it ready by the start of next week.

With a bit of luck my 2012 resolution to be more disciplined and avoid unwarranted failure compromise should mean more in the way of consistent releases and less apologies and delays. In around six months the MA will be finishing so fingers crossed that the next few months will be productive!

Happy New Year folks!                        

2 Responses to Home Again

  1. demontales says:

    Puerile scribble? I think you’re beeing a little(lot?) hard on yourself. :P

    Looking up to see that next page, your comic’s definately taking up shape(does that work as an expression?). Keep it up :)

  2. Ozy says:

    Heh, I’ve likely said it before but I often see the worst in my own work for better or worse.

    I also find it hard to be objective about progress and the overall impression a comic’s giving, so it’s great to hear it seems to be taking shape. I appreciate the encouragement a lot :)

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