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I need to be more careful how use the word ‘DEFINITELY’.

It’s no secret that I’m somewhat slow in the art department; an unfortunate combination of misguided perfectionism (my work being far from perfect) and general incompetence. Seeing people who can effortlessly churn out pages of a superior standard in less than half the time frankly makes me green with envy, but I’m not going to get quicker overnight. Regardless, the truth is that I could and should have had the latest up this afternoon as planned.

Yesterday I worked till late/early in a drive to complete the page before stinging eyes and a headache biologically informed me it wasn’t happening. Short of cutting back to stick men and eschewing colour I doubt it could have been done in one night, the real problem however is somewhat bigger. I rave on about trying to be disciplined on a regular basis, but looking back over the past week I can think of literally dozens of small breaks and distractions I might have avoided if I’d planned ahead. A couple of hours on a film one evening, a walk into town here, the compulsive urge to google topics I’m unfamiliar with on a whim; had I just allocated a set block of several hours on the page every day I’m certain it would have been done with time to spare.

So yeah, more excuses :( Rather than pledging to DEFINITELY have that page ready by next Monday, I’ll just say that if it isn’t together by then I simply don’t deserve to be making a comic.  It’s approaching the one month mark since my last page and the credibility of Christmas/New Year excuses is wearing thin.

So, without further ado I’ll do something right by shutting up and getting back to work.

2 Responses to Insert page here…

  1. demontales says:

    I’m also guilty of lots of things you wrote, as many many artists. However, I think walks can actually helps in refreshing oneself and give creativity boosts. I hope you find the self-discipline you’re looking for, and I wish I could share advice, but I’m in the same boat these days

  2. Ozy says:

    @demontales: Good to know I’m not alone XD And yeah, walks are actually pretty good for clearing ones head at times.

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