London Expo?

Today we had our briefing for the final module of the MA, specifically covering the finalised piece we’ll deliver and the build up to it. There weren’t many surprises – mainly just a few dates to add to the calendar –  however I will be required to redefine my project proposal in light of the numerous developments and alterations made. More than anything though, this firmly signifies the final stretch of the course and the need to really push myself as I approach the end.

Yesterday, coincidentally but somewhat providently I applied to book a table at London’s forthcoming MCM Expo in May (thanks for the headsup  Ushio!). I’ve been recommended by several people and sources to get my work out there in a physical form and become more involved with the community, so this is my chance. I’d actually intended to go have a look around back in 2010 though ultimately couldn’t –  thankyou extortionate rail fares – this time I’m planning ahead not just to be prepared but also to set myself an enticing goal to work towards.

As I’ve previously explained, I doubt I’ll be able to complete the entire planned graphic within the MA but I still want to have at least a first chapter/issue as a prototype, professionally printed and presented. This extends to my planned table at the Expo; the first chapter/third of the plot hopefully has enough standalone merit to engage readers and make it worth picking up, so I absolutely MUST have that much done by the start of May.

Nothing’s definite just yet but it could be a genuinely exciting prospect and one which would encourage me to put my back into the next few months of work :)

4 Responses to London Expo?

  1. lucy markham says:

    Good luck owen, sounds fab :)

  2. demontales says:

    That’s awesome! Good luck with all that

    You have no excuses for beeing late now ;)

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