Excuses, excuses…

In all seriousness though it wasn’t for lack of trying that Branch’s new page hasn’t materialised, I’ve been steadily working on it but ended up having more trouble with some areas than anticipated. I promise, within this week, no matter what!

4 Responses to Excuses, excuses…

  1. lucy markham says:

    That’s a great post! The pressure is on now isn’t it… Least you have time to update your blog!

    • Ozy says:

      @Lucy: Heh, it was just something I speedly knocked together as an apology for the lack of updates – indeed the pressure is high now, so I’ll be looking to accelerate my efforts considerably from here on ;)

  2. demontales says:

    I dig the style of that mini-comic!
    Looks like you’re challenging yourself with the page you’re doing.
    Glad to know an update on Branch is coming soon :)

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