Final Life Drawing Class

‘Final’ probably makes it sound too extreme – like I’m going to the moon – either way, today’s session will be my last at the college.

I couldn’t say exactly what kind of impact these classes have had on the quality of my work, but it seems a fair bet they’ve been a positive influence on some level. If nothing else I thoroughly enjoyed them and it seems only fair that I thank our tutor Melodie for keeping them varied and challenging along with our model Cherie for being so incredibly patient with those poses.

I’d definitely like to keep doing life drawing in future if at all possible but with the MCM Expo bearing down upon me at terrifying speed and the end of MA within sight it seems likely the it won’t be happening for a good few months…

2 Responses to Final Life Drawing Class

  1. demontales says:

    Benefits from life drawing are often realized later when comparing older work. I do not know anyone who hasn’t improved in some way from it. I hope you can keep having access to these type of classes

    • Ozy says:

      @demontales: Oddly enough I just flicked through my sketchbook; besides finding the earlier efforts shockingly poor – as always! – it would seem there has indeed been some improvement. Anyhow, one way or another I’ll definitely return to lifedrawing eventually ;)

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