Expo A GoGo

Well, looks like I’m all set for London’s MCM Expo this weekend!

Not that I didn’t get a few scares preparing. I received my 30 issues from the printer today seemingly without incident and checking the top batch found them to be satisfactory; I very nearly packed them on the assumption they would all be the same but fortunately my characteristic paranoia kicked in and I decided to do a thorough examination for peace of mind.

Ever seen one of those movies where someone gets a briefcase full of money and checks the top layer only to later discover the bottom notes are newspaper? Turns out the last 13 copies – of course it would be 13 – had been assembled in the wrong order with a repeated page to boot. Naturally I wasn’t too pleased discovering this and while I didn’t exactly launch into a gangster rampage I was dialling the printer within seconds.

I won’t stoop to naming and shaming them here however as they were more than reasonable about the problem; besides having reprints/rearrangements ready within a couple of hours they also threw in a couple of extra copies as an apology, not really a matter worth holding a grudge over, though an important lesson in being thorough – with print jobs and briefcases of money…

Anyway, this first issue may be a rather modest little booklet but it’s still thrilling to see Branch printed professionally for the first time and most of it has made the transfer from monitor to page rather nicely.

For anyone who happens to be at the Expo and wants to find me (and my work) I’ll be in Artists’ Alley at table F3, for all the rest of you who can’t make it: wish me luck ;)

4 Responses to Expo A GoGo

  1. lucymarkham says:

    Good luck owen!! X

  2. demontales says:

    Good thing you did check them thoroughly!
    How does it feel to have your work printed and in your hands?

    • Ozy says:

      Indeed! Had I assumed they were all standardised there could have been some awkwardness at the Expo D:

      It’s pretty satisfying to read through Branch in printed format anyhow, putting aside the various paper planning and artwork used this is the first time I’ve put everything together in corporeal form XD Seeing a physical copy of the work definitely gives a greater feeling of accomplishment :)

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