Since there’s still no new page for Branch – sorry – I figured I’d offer some evidence as to where my time’s been going by posting my new website.

Basically it’s a more tidy place I can direct folks to when a concise portfolio or CV is required rather than my rambling heavy blog, while it also shows some of my film and animation work for anyone who’s interested. It’s a little daunting given that much of this material has never seen the light of the web before and for every moment I’m proud of I find myself nitpicking at all the other faults that have become apparent over the years. As ever I really am my own worst critic.

Still, with the MA drawing to a close it seems increasingly important that I establish myself professionally in some way, offering a suitably professional image rather than just my current ramshackle setup; my wordpress and its charming informality won’t be going anywhere but this way I can please both sides without having to compromise.

For anyone wanting to take a closer look at the site to praise/laugh at/shun me, you can access it by clicking here or going through my main links page and hey, let me know what you think!

2 Responses to Website

  1. demontales says:

    Nice site! You were able to do much better with moonfruit than I could! And hate to be that guy but watch out, you’ve got a typo on the first page, you wrote “paying” instead of “playing” in the last sentence.

    I have enjoyed your film/animation work, especially Sincere Fiction and Birth of Ink. The Woman with No Mouth also was particuliarly interesting, beeing somewhat creepy and endearing at the same time.

    • Ozy says:

      Took a while to get my head around some of it – I’m no web designer – but I got there in the end! Cheers for the headsup on the typo, dunno how that one slipped through… fixed… ¬_¬

      Also, thanks for watching my backlog! I tend to only think of all mistakes made when I see those pieces now, so to hear that someone enjoyed them at all is heartening :) It’s probably worth a mention that Woman with No Mouth was more my sister’s creation than mine, I just did animation leg work; still I was always rather pleased how it turned out!

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