MA Exhibition: Development

Following on from my last post I’ve spent the past week or so confirming availability and costs for what I’ll need in the construction of my MA exhibit on the 6th of August, along with refinements to the design of the setup itself shown below in my new plan:

I realise it’s a little crude but hopefully it gives a clear indication of what I have in mind. With much of the setup being provided by the college the remaining printing, mounting materials and business cards currently work out at around £56 – hardly a bad deal.

There are however some aspects I’m still giving thought to, such as exactly which pieces will occupy the frames and how they will be mounted. I’m also playing with a few other ideas for expansions and additional displays; yesterday I met with the rest of the MA group to discuss arrangement of the exhibition as a whole while I also presented the above plan to our tutors and first year students. Thankfully the response was very positive while I also received a lot of good recommendations on how I might improve the exhibit.

Some were fairly basic thoughts on things like the colour of the card mounts – white is apparently the way to go – or the possibility of creating a large-scale collage from my comic art – a very good idea – but one proposal in particular struck me as a great opportunity to do something genuinely interesting.

While discussing how I’d be showing my work process I inadvertently mentioned the breakdown I did of a comic page sometime ago, splitting up pencil plan, linework and colour; the proposal which arose from this suggested I do a similar breakdown of layers on hanging acetate sheets creating the composite image when viewed from directly in front while showing the individual stages when viewed from the side. Not only would this be an effective demonstration of work process, but it would also add more substance to my area, filling the empty void within the L-shape.

Feasibility remains to be seen – in regards to both printing and hanging – but since I’ll be meeting our resident technician Steve Moore again tomorrow to finalize most of the details I can run it by him to see if it’s possible and quiz a few print shops on whether they could manage acetate printing in my price range.

4 Responses to MA Exhibition: Development

  1. lucymarkham says:

    In regards to printing dont forget that hull college has a reprographics department which might be worth looking into…. also make sure you use ‘im a poor student’ as a negotiation tool!

    • Ozy says:

      Ah yes, I’ve already utilised the ‘poor student’ angle to get a marked down price on my mounting card XD

      I would of used the reprographics department but I’ve been told it’ll be closed for much of summer – still I’ll investigate again to be certain, thanks for the tip!

  2. demontales says:

    I’m impressed by the space allowed to showcase your project. Sounds like it’s gonna be an interesting day. And the superposing the comic process idea, if it works, will surely be awesome

    • Ozy says:

      The main reason we’ve ended up with so much space is because our graduation MA group is remarkably small – only three people infact! – so there’s plenty go around.

      Unfortunately though after discussing the practicalities I don’t think the superimposing idea will really work as intended, most likely I’ll have to keep it small scale, in a folder of somekind. I’ll be sure to do a write up about it soon…

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