Issue 2, Page 1

My deepest apologies on it taking so incredibly long to get issue 2 off the ground properly and indeed to anyone whose blogs and stuff I’ve failed to follow in recent weeks – things have been a tad hectic.

As I’ve noted/raved-about previously the MA is quickly drawing to a close and pressure has been on to wrap my current progress up into an exhibition and justify my the direction and development of the project as a whole. My maiden issue makes for a nice point to evaluate Branch as a formal Masters piece, but if I want to be serious about finishing this thing on my own time then I can’t start slacking off. Much of the worst panic is over for now as I have a relatively clear idea of what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks  – which is not to say I can promise regular updates, but I can promise the next page won’t take a month to materialise.

As for the page itself, I’m generally pleased with the overall effect as it quickly draws us into a tense situation with an immediacy my opening issue lacked. There’s a nice sense of balance to the layout and composition with steely hands forming the focus of two frames situated diagonally from each other, while the palette strikes me as an improvement aswell, being more cohesive than previous pages with a progressively cooler colour temperature as the dramatic tone changes.

Still, there are a few things I would/should have done differently: the last two panels really feel like they needed detailed rather than abstract backgrounds – there’s too much wasted space and it breaks the immersion a little – on a similar note, while the spaceport isn’t meant to be especially busy a few extra people dotted around would have been nice to enforce credibility and realism.

Elsewhere, a friend pointed out that Scratch seems a little off in the second to last panel, I was aiming for an alert sort of expression but it came out lacking the intensity required somehow. Up till now she’s typically appeared bored and I didn’t want to plunge her into ridiculous OTT bulging eyes and furrowed brows the second trouble appears but still, it’s not quite right… It’ll be something work at over the next few pages either way.

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