Issue 3, Page 2

Oh my that was a shameful hiatus…


I’ll spare you the BS; it’s been 2 months or so since I posted anything and some very good and very bad things have been going in my life simultaneously, the common factor being that both ends of the spectrum pulled me away from working on Branch seriously again until just recently. I very nearly held off on posting this so I could think up a more witty excuse but it seems important that I get things moving again ASAP.

Putting aside the page’s lost-at-sea-suffered-amnesia-wife-remarried level of MIA downtime I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out; the perspective and composition are quite unlike most of its predecessors making it a distinct and hopefully standout jump into more actiony stuff. The colour work and use of SFX could perhaps be a little tighter but considering how daunting I found this one it didn’t turn out half bad.

Now the real trick, to actually get back to regular updates again…

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