Being a Busy Bee…


… Not on the comic front obviously given the lack of activity here, but I’ve been working hard for the last week or so planning out an animation commission – among other things – and felt offering some kind of life signs here would be a good idea. I dare say my readership right now has dwindled to almost nill given my barren update schedule but on a personal level at least it seems important to push myself into regular posting again.

Having paid work that’s also creatively fulfilling is certainly more than agreeable but inevitably it has been stealing away a fair amount of my time being a responsibility rather than indulgence; plus I’ve been wrangling with a few long-term concerns right now that are threatening to go nuclear if I don’t face them head on.

The good news is that while poorly timed I feel like I’ve finally found a way to speed up production of Branch without compromising the quality too severely. The proof will be in the pudding so to speak so I’ll go into details about it when I next post a page which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

The bad news is that it seems increasingly unlikely I’ll have new material ready for October’s MCM Comic Con in London. More than a bit of a shame given how much I wanted to redeem my last spindly offering, but it’ll at least be nice to visit the comic village again and see what other folks are up to.

Regardless, when it does arrive I’ll really have to make sure my next finished issue is something special now.

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