Delays as always

Ack. Annoying as the sluggish comic updates may be I’ve got my hands full at the minute starting a new job and juggling an ongoing freelance project. As much as it pains me procrastinating at the climax of the story I’ve got to prioritize realistically to keep things sustainable…

On the bright side, the aforementioned freelance work is proving quite enjoyable indeed as I’m making storyboards, concepts and animatics (below) for a forthcoming short film; all good practice which appropriately goes full circle to my educational roots in film production.

One way or another, I’m determined as ever to press on and get plenty more Apothecary Supreme out around Christmas with a goal of finishing this story early next year. Am I massive fraud making up yet more empty excuses? We shall see…

2 Responses to Delays as always

  1. DT says:

    Interesting animatic! It’s good that you’re keeping busy in artistic fields, even if that means less comics.

    • Ozy says:

      @DT: Indeed, variety is by no means a bad thing. That said, I’m really pining to get back to my own work lately!

      The good news is that I am starting to get the wheels turning again on Apothecary Supreme. Can’t make any promises about release rate but I’m forcing myself to do a bit everyday between the rest.

      As ever, thanks for stopping in and commenting! Knowing anyone is even interested anymore does a lot to spur me on ;)

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