Busy Earning… Still going

Page20INPROGRESSA spoilerific image perhaps but I felt it was worth posting to show I haven’t ditched Greta & Co just yet.

I doubt I could convey quite how desperate I am to push things forward and finish this long overdue story (though my partner is probably sick of hearing about it), still I will finish it and I am getting serious again, just trying to find a rhythm that works with alongside the day job and all the other little distractions.

That update is coming soon and it should be followed by ones that aren’t a month apart.

2 Responses to Busy Earning… Still going

  1. DT says:

    I know I keep saying that, but your crosshatching is really getting neater and neater. I’m really digging this sneak peak of next page!

    • Ozy says:

      Thanks as always DT! I’m sorry nothing’s materialised in the months since I posted this, but I’m finally getting things under control with work and am returning to what will hopefully be nominal output soon ;)

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