March 22, 2016

Gradually getting back into my comic stuff again after having my schedule filled with work obligations and such. It’s slow getting off the ground again, but I’m more determined than ever now to see this little story to the end, especially with the conclusion in sight.


Keeping it going…

November 11, 2015

The nice thing about finishing a comic page (eventually) is that it opens up seemingly limitless opportunities for the next one:


Suffice to say I’ll try to make the following ones a little more regular ;)

Job Seeking and Carbon Monoxide

October 5, 2015

Just a quick update to show plenty more comic is on the way. I got slowed down a fair bit last week as I had an important job interview to prepare for, which involved much reshuffling of my portfolio and excessive preparation for improbable questions.


I figured with that clear I’d have some time to push forward with Apothecary Supreme but got a nasty scare yesterday when our house’s Carbon Monoxide alarm went off; not for the first time either as it had gone off the day before which we’d put down to it passing a detector’s typical lifespan.

As it turns out, builders working on the joined house next door had – in what may be one of the most negligent acts I’ve ever witnessed – temporarily moved the boiler flue INSIDE the extension being built, slowly filling up our homes with the toxic gas. I’m all for forgiving mistakes but considering this one could have killed us perhaps I can be forgiven for being completely furious.

On the bright side (if there is one) this disturbing incident got me out of the house for the day and I had a decent run sketching out forthcoming pages in a coffee shop. Meanwhile, page 17 just needs some cleanup and dialogue before it finally surfaces.

I’ll likely post it later today, in the meantime folks I would highly commend the values of a decent CO detector…

The Apothecary is in!

April 1, 2015

Well here it is, my new comic Apothecary Supreme has begun going online today on The Duck and ComicFury.


I’ve been at it a while since as mentioned in the last post I really wanted to have something this time before sharing it.  I’ve got a decent backlog to ensure regular updates (Wednesdays) for a while, no telling if I’ll be able to keep the pace up but at least sharing will spur me on to work a little harder.

It’s essentially an episodic fantasy comic centring on Greta – a small eccentric apothecary sporting a bit of a mean streak.

GretaFigureConcept1jThere will be monsters and horror aplenty but I’ve also tried to imbue it with a darkly humorous edge to offset the more ridiculous/obscene elements.

As of the moment I’m focusing on finishing the first issue as a bit of an experiment to see how well it turns out. Assuming I’m successful I’ll most likely work on more issues, however for now I don’t want to repeat my old mistakes and bite off more than I can chew; my initial goal is to simply tell a satisfying self contained story in around 30 pages.

So here goes, my 1st comic to appear online in almost two years, onwards!

Introducing ‘Replay Value’

October 2, 2012

As proof I’m still alive and working I thought I’d post a taster of what I’m up to:

As mentioned on the last Branch page I’m taking some time out from my regular comic, this being the reason; Replay Value is a four-page short I’m in the process of pencilling and inking right now with the intention of making something simple and self-contained that I can promote myself with more succinctly. Essentially it’s a bit of sci-fi number with a darkly humorous take on video game logic which I’ve been mulling over for a while now and wanted to get on the page.

On a general note I felt it would be good to take time out after the all consuming focus of my Masters and create something short and sweet for fun, breaking up my current collosal endevour and preventing my creative process from becoming a linear drudge.

Ideally it shouldn’t take all that long finish so expect some finished pages to appear here soon!