Busy Earning… Still going

January 17, 2016

Page20INPROGRESSA spoilerific image perhaps but I felt it was worth posting to show I haven’t ditched Greta & Co just yet.

I doubt I could convey quite how desperate I am to push things forward and finish this long overdue story (though my partner is probably sick of hearing about it), still I will finish it and I am getting serious again, just trying to find a rhythm that works with alongside the day job and all the other little distractions.

That update is coming soon and it should be followed by ones that aren’t a month apart.

Job Seeking and Carbon Monoxide

October 5, 2015

Just a quick update to show plenty more comic is on the way. I got slowed down a fair bit last week as I had an important job interview to prepare for, which involved much reshuffling of my portfolio and excessive preparation for improbable questions.


I figured with that clear I’d have some time to push forward with Apothecary Supreme but got a nasty scare yesterday when our house’s Carbon Monoxide alarm went off; not for the first time either as it had gone off the day before which we’d put down to it passing a detector’s typical lifespan.

As it turns out, builders working on the joined house next door had – in what may be one of the most negligent acts I’ve ever witnessed – temporarily moved the boiler flue INSIDE the extension being built, slowly filling up our homes with the toxic gas. I’m all for forgiving mistakes but considering this one could have killed us perhaps I can be forgiven for being completely furious.

On the bright side (if there is one) this disturbing incident got me out of the house for the day and I had a decent run sketching out forthcoming pages in a coffee shop. Meanwhile, page 17 just needs some cleanup and dialogue before it finally surfaces.

I’ll likely post it later today, in the meantime folks I would highly commend the values of a decent CO detector…

The Apothecary is in!

April 1, 2015

Well here it is, my new comic Apothecary Supreme has begun going online today on The Duck and ComicFury.


I’ve been at it a while since as mentioned in the last post I really wanted to have something this time before sharing it.  I’ve got a decent backlog to ensure regular updates (Wednesdays) for a while, no telling if I’ll be able to keep the pace up but at least sharing will spur me on to work a little harder.

It’s essentially an episodic fantasy comic centring on Greta – a small eccentric apothecary sporting a bit of a mean streak.

GretaFigureConcept1jThere will be monsters and horror aplenty but I’ve also tried to imbue it with a darkly humorous edge to offset the more ridiculous/obscene elements.

As of the moment I’m focusing on finishing the first issue as a bit of an experiment to see how well it turns out. Assuming I’m successful I’ll most likely work on more issues, however for now I don’t want to repeat my old mistakes and bite off more than I can chew; my initial goal is to simply tell a satisfying self contained story in around 30 pages.

So here goes, my 1st comic to appear online in almost two years, onwards!

Issue 3, Page 2

September 22, 2013

Oh my that was a shameful hiatus…


I’ll spare you the BS; it’s been 2 months or so since I posted anything and some very good and very bad things have been going in my life simultaneously, the common factor being that both ends of the spectrum pulled me away from working on Branch seriously again until just recently. I very nearly held off on posting this so I could think up a more witty excuse but it seems important that I get things moving again ASAP.

Putting aside the page’s lost-at-sea-suffered-amnesia-wife-remarried level of MIA downtime I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out; the perspective and composition are quite unlike most of its predecessors making it a distinct and hopefully standout jump into more actiony stuff. The colour work and use of SFX could perhaps be a little tighter but considering how daunting I found this one it didn’t turn out half bad.

Now the real trick, to actually get back to regular updates again…

Issue 3, Page 1 (+ Bonus Ranting!)

July 25, 2013

BranchISSUE3page1jWell, here’s to a solid start for Issue 3 but then why wouldn’t it be after so bleeding long?

Seriously; I know I’m terrible for making excuses but this has not been a good month for me. Right from the start I’d decided to force out regular releases no matter what and give my working process the nitro-boost it oh so desperately needs. For a plethora of reasons, that simply never happened. I feel like I owe answers as to why this is being held up so much, but I really don’t want to degenerate into self-indulgent ‘why me?’ whining either; plenty of people I know do comics as an aside from their day job and still manage to keep up a decent production rate, so that excuse really won’t fly.

Still, I like to be honest about my thoughts and feelings so getting to the point I have to admit I’ve been in something of a dark place lately. There have been plenty of commitments and set backs along the way, but it’s my motivation that’s really taken a beating these past few weeks.

Indulgent as it may sound I draw as an outlet first and foremost, there isn’t a huge amount I can claim to love about my life but creating comics, breathing life into a story that I can claim is truly mine gives me a glow inside that almost nothing else can. Whether what I create is any good is up for debate and perhaps on some level this will all sound pretty damn selfish, but considering how submissively I live the rest of my life, how often I get shoehorned into things I don’t want to do, am told I can’t do things or am told I’ve failed or missed the mark it seems a small thing to ask.

It’s maddening that I keep missing my own deadlines, but that may well be the root of the problem; they are my deadlines and mine alone. When a work related e-mail lands in my inbox, when someone asks me a favour, when an argument kicks off the pad closes, the pens go away, the file is shut and another day’s delay is slotted onto my release schedule.

It hurts not just because I want to finish what I start and see the story through to the end, but also because this is the only way I feel I can express myself without compromise. Something that is entirely me and not what someone else wants me to be, wants me to do, or wants to hear.

Sure, I want people to like what I make – I doubt many people can claim otherwise – I welcome constructive criticism and hopefully by meeting my own standards I can meet some of my readers’. Regardless the top of the agenda remains the same; I just need to get more done in less time. Maybe I need to say ‘no’ to more things, perhaps I need to reign in my OCD tendencies some, one way or another I know it can be done. A page a week, at least.

I need to make it happen and I need to make it happen soon.