Replay Value 4/4

January 14, 2013


Done! Massively late but here it is nonetheless; the concluding page of Replay Value!

It’s been a busy Christmas to say the least, there was a house move in there somewhere amongst all the food and booze and besides struggling to sit down and finish this thing the page itself had a few troublesome spots. Wanting to raise the quality of the finale typically resulted in a bloated schedule – like my stomach post Xmas – such are the perils of being one’s own master…

I’ve also got something of a postscript I want to write on my inspiration for this one, however I imagine it’ll be a sizable essay in itself and right now I’ve got to stress out over a few other things for the next 24 hours or so. I’ll see that it arrives ASAP along with the massively overdue continuation of my old flame Branch.

Apologies to everyone I’ve spectacularly failed to follow and communicate with this yuletide – I haven’t forgotten you and I’ll hop back on the digi-wagon very soon, honest!