Getting back to Branch

January 19, 2013

branch2p3previewroughIt’s got to be said, trying to get back into Branch after months of hiatus is like trying to start a rundown car in the middle of winter; there’s more than a little stalling.

Not to say things aren’t taking shape, I’ve just had to reaquaint myself with the art, themes and characters again these past few days in order to rediscover my inspiration. Plenty of initial efforts ended up getting the slam dunk treatment in my waste paper basket but I think I’ve finally rehabilitated myself and got started on a continuation proper. More soon ;)

Sketches: Scratch in action

December 8, 2010

Just thought I’d quickly upload these rough sketches I did to test how Scratch might appear in different poses. Given that she’s one of the most physically active characters in the narrative (as it currently stands) it’s important that she looks right in action. Also, note the jacket in the right hand image, an addition I’m still working out – it needs to look suitably modern for a future setting but at the same time I don’t want it to appear frivolous, rather being sleek and utilitarian.