Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 3 – Monster

January 20, 2018

Uploading a little earlier than planned here as our escapee’s fate begins to become clear… and it’s looking messy…



Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 2 – Not Quite

January 14, 2018

Here’s a handy update:


ApothIssue2Page2PREVIEWBA few folks said my last issue was a bit light on actual horror, so I’m getting right into this time around. Hopefully the scenario I’m presenting here is a substantial departure from that of issue 1.

More next Sunday!


Apothecary Supreme Issue 2, Page 1 – Almost There

January 7, 2018

Time to start releasing these into the wild again!


I’ve been building up a backlog for a while now that could generously be described as ‘modest’, but an update is incredibly overdue so screw it. Much as I’d love to hold off for a little longer, it’s been months and months so I feel compelled to show something for the start of 2018.

I’ll try updating every Sunday for a while and see how far I get :)


Building Up to Updates

November 26, 2017

Been very quiet, but also very busy.

I’ve been steadily working on Issue 2 stuff for Apothecary Supreme, the plan being to build up an actual backlog rather than updating page-to-page. When I show pages again I plan to have consistent updates, likely around Christmas.

To anyone who is following, thank you for your patience! Once I get stuff out of the gate again it should be at consistent pace =)


More Apothecary Supreme concepts

September 9, 2017
A few more new characters and monsters – I’ll let you guess which is which – showing up in the next Apothecary supreme issue.
I’ve been working on planning for a while now, in terms of both visuals and story for Issue 2. I feel like there’s a LOT more I could do in this regard but it may well be at the expense of momentum. Past experience has taught me that it is possible to overplan, with a great deal of pre-production content becoming irrelevant anyway and damaging motivation as production ends up feeling creatively restrictive.
In a nutshell; time to get started proper.